About Us

Company History

Eclipse Clinical Research (Eclipse) was established in August 2007 as the first multi-specialty, independent research facility in Green Valley, Arizona. In May of 2012, we decided to relocate to our current location in the St. Mary’s hospital compound in order to take advantage of Tucson’s larger population center. This had the unexpected side effect of allowing us to expand into new and exiting areas of clinical research. Since opening our doors our staff has grown from one doctor and one coordinator and a receptionist to include two doctors three coordinators and two data entry specialists. We also strongly support our local colleges by actively seeking out quality interns in the fields of nursing, medical assisting, and of course clinical research coordinating.

Our Philosophy of Research

Our primary goal is to make medicine safer and more effective for everyone, but our number one priority is the health and safety of the people who volunteer as research subjects in our office. As an independent and locally owned research facility we have the ability to hand pick studies that will improve the safety and efficacy of medical treatments while maintaining the highest degree of ethics and safety for our patients.

To do this we work closely with major pharmaceutical companies to successfully implement new and cutting edge medications for use in the United States. Our doctors and coordinators adhere to the strict regulations laid out by the FDA, and in accordance with the Good Clinical Practice guidelines laid out by international ethics committees in order to ensure the safety of patients involved with clinical research.

Patient Care

We are proud to provide a safe, professional, and welcoming atmosphere for our patients. Any information we gather is held in the highest confidentiality and it never goes beyond the confines of the study being participated in. We understand that each and every patient is an individual and a volunteer so we work hard to ensure that each patient has a pleasant study experience. To do this we make sure that every question gets a solid answer from our knowledgeable and experienced study team. We try to make appointments at times that are convenient for the patient (when possible) and our staff is not overbooked thus assuring prompt service with very little waiting.

We, also, encourage our patients to give us permission to communicate with their personal physician during their study participation, thus ensuring the utmost safety during study participation. We also firmly believe in the informed consent process and support the right of any patient to withdraw their consent to participate in any study at any time for any reason. All clinical research studies rely on people to volunteer their participation. As a benefit to that, all study related procedures are performed free of charge. That means we will never collect money, bill an insurance company, or ask for a credit card. It is impossible for payment information to be hacked from our computers or stolen from our facilities because we don’t have it.